Rolser Iris

Rolser Iris

Shopping Trolley



Multi Striped

Approx Dimensions :

104 x 41 x 32cm (17cm when closed)

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Rolser Iris  Shopping Trolley

  • Rolser Trolleys are easy to use, original, modern and stylish designer shopping trolleys! Not to mention the light-weight strength and durability¬†that comes with all Rolser Products.
  • Robust aluminium handle
  • Inside Zip Pocket
  • Double drawstring fastening for maximum safety
  • Rolser trolleys are unbelievably light, waterproof and fold flat
  • Approx Weight: 1.94kg
  • Approx Dimensions : 104 x 41 x Depth 32cm (17cm when closed)
  • Approx Dimensions (bag): 63 x 36 x 19cm
  • Approx Capacity: 43 litre