It all started with a love for rain. Totes was born in 1924 in a small Ohio town and founded on two core principles: Midwest roots and a genuine love for the rain. Totes spent decades creating products so others could enjoy it too. Year after year we found new ways to stay outside more comfortable. One of the most dependable names in umbrella manufacturing, Totes brings you over 50 years of expertise and innovation.  Totes pioneered the world’s first foldable umbrella, to hold true to our passion – keeping you outside in any weather. From micro to golf sticks, totes has you covered, no matter the weather.

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    Totes Automatic Crook Handle Umbrella (3 Section)


    33cm Folded Length

    97cm When Open

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    Totes Big Top Aluminium Auto Open/Close Umbrella


    36cm Folded Length

    123cm when Open

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    Totes Ditsy Pink Print Umbrella & Matching Bag


    Gift Set

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    Totes Duck Print Umbrella & Matching Bag


    Gift Set

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    Totes ECO-BRELLA® Auto Open / Close Double Canopy – Black/Charcoal 


    Approx Dimensions:

    97cm Diameter When Open.

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    Totes ECO-BRELLA® Auto Walker Leatherette Crook Plain Black


    Approx diameter of canopy when open, 112cm

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    totes ECO-BRELLA® Auto Walker Wood Crook Plain Black


    Stick Umbrella

    112cm Canopy Diameter

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    totes ECO-BRELLA® Compact Round Black Umbrella Black


    15.5cm Folded Length


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    Totes ECO-BRELLA® Supermini Plain Black


    22.5cm Folded Length

    Approx diameter of canopy when open, 92cm

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    totes ECO-BRELLA® X-TRA STRONG Auto Open / Close Ratchet Umbrella Black (3 Section)


    32.3cm Folded Length

  • totes XTRA STRONG Auto Open/Close Ratchet Umbrella Black
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    Totes ECO-BRELLA® Xtra Strong Auto Open / Close – Plain Black


    28cm Folding Length

    98cm Approx Diameter when open

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    Totes Isotoner Ladies Original Stretch Glove with Smartouch Charcoal


    One Size Fits All.