1979 was the birth of Jump the brand.
Bernard Ehret decided to create his own brand. He chose to break the rules that luggage had to be stiff and drab. He added colour and design to the mix, while at the same time creating new materials.
Light, sturdy and distinct in its own right, this is the Jump philosophy.

Jump Luggage has the quality and the style and makes it stand out from the mainstream luggage.

We love selling this brand and product.  The luggage has attention to detail, and this is nowhere more evident than in the interior lining of the case where there is a wonderful detailed map lining, that is certainly novel, but at the same time retaining a certain elegance.

As a retailer we notice  the strength of the product. Many customers have returned,  adding to the range, or purchasing the products for a wonderful gift for that special person.

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  • Jump 2 Uppsala Compartment Laptop Briefcase


    Approx Dimensions;

    32 x 42 x 17cm

  • Jump Large Squaremouth Doctors Bag


    Approx Dimensions:

    54 x 35 x 30cm

  • jump-1-compartment-laptop-briefcase

    Jump Uppsala 1 Compartment Laptop Briefcase


    Approx Dimensions:

    42 x 32 x 10cm

  • jump laptop 1 compartment bag 4309A

    Jump Uppsala 1 Compartment Pilot Case


    Approx Dimensions:

    44 x 39 x 22cm

  • Sale! jump 4 wheel 78cm suitcase 4452

    Jump Uppsala 2 78cm spinner

    Original price was: £275.00.Current price is: £250.00.

    Approx Dimensions:


  • Jump Uppsala 46cm Duffle


    Approx Dimensions :

    46 x 27 x 24cm

  • Jump Uppsala 50cm Duffle


    Approx Dimensions:

    50 x 34 x 24cm

  • Sale!

    Jump Uppsala 55cm Spinner Suitcase

    Original price was: £240.00.Current price is: £220.00.

    Approx Dimensions:

    55 x 39 x 21/24cm

  • Sale! jump 4 wheel suitcase 4451

    Jump Uppsala 68cm Spinner Suitcase

    Original price was: £250.00.Current price is: £225.00.

    Approx Dimensions:

    68 x 43 x 29/31cm

  • Jump Uppsala Backpack Small


    Approx Dimensions:

    31 x 24 x 13cm

  • jump vanity/beauty/toiletry/cosmetic bag

    Jump Uppsala Cosmetic Vanity Bag


    Approx Dimensions:

    32 x 18 x 28cm

  • Jump Uppsala Daily Backpack


    Approx Dimensions:

    33 x 28 x 11cm