Go Travel

Established in 1978, Go is the most widely distributed range of travel accessories in the world. It still remains a UK family business and it is just as committed to bring innovative products to market as it was over 30 years ago.

What is not commonly known is that the company pioneered the concept of a co-ordinated range of travel accessories. Its success has spawned an entire global industry which it still dominates to this very day.

In the beginning, there were only 10 products in the range. Today the company has over 300 accessories all designed in-house by the team in London. The product range can be found in over 18,000 retail locations across the UK alone and is extensively distributed in over 70 countries around the world.

  • Go Travel Adventure Bag


    Approx Dimensions Open :

    W 56 x H 33 x D 20cm

  • Go Travel Backpack


    Approx Dimensions Open :

    W30 x H 42 x D20cm

  • Go Travel Backpack Light


    Approx Dimensions Open :

    W 28.5 x H 40cm

  • Go Travel Bag ID Set Tags


    Luggage I.D Set

    Assorted Colours

  • Go Travel Big Bag Tag


    Approx Dimensions:

    W 7.3 x H 13.8 x D 3cm


  • Go Travel BIG Wheel Combi Lock


    Approx Dimensions:

    W 3 x H 6 x D 1.6cm

  • Go Travel Brass Combi Travel Sentry (TSA) Padlock


    Approx Dimensions:

    W 3.5 x H 5.8 x D 1.2cm

  • Go Travel Combi Cable TSA Lock


    Approx Dimensions:

    W 3.2 x H 10.2 x D 1.4cm

  • Go Travel Digi Scales


    Approx Dimensions:

    W 2.9 x H 12.7 x D 4.5cm

  • Go Travel Glo Luggage I.D


    Fun & Bright

  • Go Travel Key Strap


    Approx Dimensions:

    W 4 x H 170 x D 1.6cm

  • Go Travel Leather Labels For Luggage


    Approx Dimensions:

    W 5.9 x H 15.1 x D 0.4cm